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How To Download the More Life App:

Go to the App Store app on your iPhone and type “More Life” in the search window. Tap the More Life icon and tap the word “Free” and then tap the word “Install”.

Android/Google Devices
Go to the Play Store app and click on the search button. Type “More Life Avatar” in the window and select the More Life icon. Tap the word “Install” and download the app.

Kindle Fire
Tap the App Button on the main screen. Touch the Word Store in the upper right hand corner. Type in the search window “More Life Avatar” and click “Enter”. Select the More Life App Icon. Tap the “Free” button and wait for the install to be complete.

Press the “Nook” button for the Quick Nav bar. Tap “Shop” to enter the Nook Store. Tap the “Apps” icon on the screen to look for apps. Select the “Education” sub-category and look for the More Life App icon. Tap on the icon and then tap the word “Buy” from the side menu. Once it is downloaded, tap the word “open” to view the app.

*Wi-fi/Internet access required for all devices


Worship Times
9:00A Sunday School
10:15AMorning Worship
6:00P Evening Worship
7:00P Prayer Meeting