All new members and visitors are encouraged to attend a 4 week study as Brother Andy covers a broad range of topic about our church as follows.

Week One First Sunday of the Month

Our Denomination The Family of God, “Why Am I Here,” Staff, Ministry, The Cooperative Program, Discipleship, Spiritual Growth, The Baptist Faith and Message.

Week Two…Second Sunday of the Month

Our Devotion The importance of personal Bible study, prayer, quiet time, and and how it affects the local church. Participants will receive information to aid them in these areas of their life. Also, the benefits of church membership, two ordinances of the church, tithing, and the importance of faithfulness will be discussed.

Week Three….Third Sunday of the Month

Our Dicipleship The Fruits of the Spirit, Sunday School, and Cross Training (the discipleship ministry of Sullivan Baptist Church) will be discussed. We will also talk briefly about The Mission Statement of Sullivan Baptist Church.

Week Four….Fourth Sunday of the Month

Our Doctrine The study book Foundations of the Faith will be presented to each student and a few of the basic doctrines of the Baptist faith will be briefly discussed. For example: The Word of God, The Trinity, Sin, the Atoning Work of Christ, The Plan of Salvation, Eternal Security, The Priesthood of the Believer, Future Events, Heaven, Hell.

Worship Times
9:00A Sunday School
10:15AMorning Worship
6:00P Evening Worship
7:00P Prayer Meeting